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Jonathan & Kelly Wedding
25th April 2019
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Steve & Zani Wedding
23rd April 2019
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Flower Power

“She is a Bougainvillea… Lush. Wild. So full of colors. Unassuming and rarely appreciated. Oh, she couldn’t care less” – Warm.Witty.Wise

One of the first things I noticed when we moved to Nelspruit, was the colorful environment that I entered. My eye caught the most beautiful trees and flowers and I immediately knew that I had to take advantage of this beauty.

By now you know that I love to use my girls as models, and this time there was no exception. I decided to keep things very simple and let the beauty of nature (and the beauty of my own to girls) do the talking. I took these photos in front of our own garage door, with nothing more than the bougainvillea’s.

I believe that there is beauty in everything, everyone and everywhere. This session just made me realise that even more.

“The more you focus on seeing the beauty in everything, the more you will begin to see everything has beauty.” – Carol CC Miller